Photo by Tutian Tang

RFBulletT, developed by Tutian Tang, is a project which aims to provide an easy-to-use interface between Pybullet and other RobotFlow modules. As pybullet is already a highly encapsulated and easy-to-use simulator, it makes our work much easier :)

Upon basic functionalities provided by pybullet, the RFBulletT provides more.


  1. Create Environment Via Configuration File or Simple Parameter Tuning.
  2. Compatible with multiple Robot Arms, Hands, Sensors (including tactile).
  3. Domain Randomization.
  4. Gym-like interface for RL algorithms, stable baseline3 is specifically supported.
  5. Integrated Motion Planning with RFPlanner.
Wenqiang Xu
Phd Student, Coordinator of Whole RobotFlow Project