RFDigit Tactile Sensor

Photo by Huinan Yang

RFDigit is a modified version of Digit, which is an open-source, low-cost, high-resolution tactile sensor designed for robotic in-hand manipulation. We thank facebook research for open-sourcing the design files which makes the study of tactile modality much easier.

In our version, we substitute the chips in original Digit to the Chinese version which are less affected by the COVID-19 on the production delivery. Thus we also re-write the program to the chips accordingly. Besides, we manage to make the sensor thinner by altering the camera choice, without compromising the resolution of the sensor. To inherit the open-source spirit, we also make the manufacturing files of our modified version public available.

The simulation of RFDigit has also been integrated into RFBulletT and RFUniverse. Please refer to the document of the simulators for further details.

Wenqiang Xu
Phd Student, Coordinator of Whole RobotFlow Project