Photo by Haoyuan Fu

rFUniverse is a multi-modal, physics-based, object-centric, manipulation-oriented simulation environment developed upon Unity. The reason why the naming convention is slightly different from other rf- ecosystem software is because the name of the major developer of rFUniverse project happens to be FU.

Unity itself is a multi-purposed software, which is known for developing multiple complex games. We believe in a rather long run, it can support our need. rFUniverse is developed on ML-Agents but with significant extentions. After all, we do not aims to merely use it for RL training.


  1. Create Environment Via Configuration File or Simple Parameter Tuning.
  2. Compatible with multiple Robot Arms, Hands, Sensors (including tactile).
  3. Domain Randomization.
  4. High quality rendering supported.
  5. Gym-like interface for RL algorithms, stable baseline3 is specifically supported.
  6. Integrated Motion Planning with RFPlanner.
  7. Integrated with Taichi.
  8. Multiple 3D-related tools.
  9. Realsense Camera supported.
  10. VR/AR supported.

For more details, please refer to the paper, and the code.

Wenqiang Xu
Phd Student, Coordinator of Whole RobotFlow Project