Tobor Robot

Photo by Wenqiang Xu

Tobor Robot is an advanced dual-arm mobile manipulator with over 54 DoFs (The DoF is really just a matter of how you combine the components).

Components & Features

  1. Head

    • The head of Tobor Robot consists of an RGB-D camera. The camera on the head is mainly used for middle-range navigation. We have tested the RealSense D435 and Azure Kinect. It is safe to assume other similar choice is ok.
    • We plan to try some other sensors to head such as thermal sensors.
  2. Neck

    • The neck is a 2-degree pan-tilt. One for pitch, one for yaw.
    • The reason the neck doesn’t have the third roll degree is because the neck length is not long enough to make the roll actually meaningful.
  3. Body

    • The body has 2-degree. One for rise-and-fall, one for yaw.
    • On the front of the body, we place a pad
    • Near the back of the body, we have a backup battery.
  4. Arm

    • The arm is designed to be compatible with Flexiv Rizon (3kg) and Rokae xMate (3kg), which are both featured with 7-dof and high-precision joint force sensing.
    • Arm-end sensors:
      • RGB-D cameras: we mounted RealSense D415 on both side. D415 is more accurate in the near, which is more suitable for manipulation.
      • Force sensors: we mounted ATI force sensors on both side. The redundancy of force sensing can provide stabler readings.
    • Skins: Working in progress.
  5. Hand

  6. Moving Platform

    • The moving platform is Sunspeed R300.

Controllers For Tobor Robot

The interface of real controllers and fake controllers (in simulation) are all natively implemented in RFController. You may refer to the corresponding document to learn how to control it.

Wenqiang Xu
Phd Student, Coordinator of Whole RobotFlow Project